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Phone: 360·784·0526
Email: letsgetitstarted@belladjs.com

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We have extremely limited availability for the remainder of 2017, and we are booking up fast for Summer 2018.
Secure your upcoming date with us today!

Free DJ service with proof of donation to your favorite charity

Make your donation directly (not through Bella DJs)
Donation amount must be at least $100
Show us your donation receipt -- get free DJ service for ANY event!
Offer not available on weekends (Mon-Thurs only; major holidays excluded, addt'l blackout dates TBA)
Offer includes up to 4 hours of music; excludes MC, lighting
Any travel costs (if applicable) must be covered in addition to charitable donation
Recipient must agree to let Bella DJs display a small advertisement and/or charity-related materials at DJ booth/setup area
Please email letsgetitstarted@belladjs.com with subject line "Donation" and date/time of event

Upcoming Live Public DJ Shows (Facebook event pages coming soon!)

PARTY 103 New Year's Bash! -- FREE
(April) Save the Frogs 1st Annual Pondraiser -- $10 admission
(May) Pacific Wild SB Festival -- $10 admission
(May) PNW for Puerto Rico -- $10 admission
(June) #metoo #mentoo -- $10 admission
(June) Cosmic College Covey -- $10 admission
(July) Puget Sound Orcastrations -- $15 admission
(July) Bonfire beach chillout sessions -- $5 admission
(August) For the Birds -- $10 admission
(August) Drumscapes -- $10 admission
(September) Beats 4 Bangladesh -- $10 admission
(October) CloudForest Festival -- $15 admission
(October) Marvel/DC cosplay gathering -- $10 admission

Come see us play live! More dates will be added throughout the year

For our 2018 bookings, we are excited to offer:

Name your own price for DJ service!
We play *every* kind of event
Dates are limited and first come, first serve for events throughout 2018 -- don't wait, book now!
Available for both wedding ceremony and reception coverage
MC service
Dancefloor (not ambient eventspace) lighting
2-3 mics available at all times
Unlimited song requests (advance *and* onsite) - any genre of music
No Internet (WiFi network, cellular connection, etc.) required!
Beatmatching (nonstop mixed dance party music - aka "club style")
Direct responses within 1 hour
Price matching/beating with other DJ companies
Come see us play live! (select showings throughout 2018 and beyond -- see above and contact us for more info!)
Free event DJ services when you pay for our travel (select locations -- contact us for more info!)
We are remote location / rural event specialists!
All our own equipment; we can work with almost any setup area/power supply!
We play what YOU want to hear!
No charge for setup and takedown, which occur outside of your service timeframe
Free DJ service with proof of donation to your favorite charity (see above for details)

For an additional fee, we also offer:

Live real-time song requests/IDs via Twitter
Complete live recording, or individual song compilation, of all music played during event
Custom song editing, mash-ups, and remixing
Have your event soundtrack featured on our 24hr online streaming radio station! (COMING IN 2018)
VJ (seamlessly integrated video DJ) service
We can also incorporate rare, beautiful, fair-trade acoustic musical instruments from around the world into our performance!

Why we're so affordable:

We're both philanthropically and commercially motivated
We own and operate all of the equipment we use
We're not a huge, pompous DJ company
We rely on word-of-mouth advertising and spend very little on print/digital marketing campaigns
Our travel fees are the most reasonable in the industry!
We truly love what we do, which means we're not out to strain our clients' budgets in pursuit of maximum profits
We believe in *always* offering fun, custom, affordably priced services to our clients

Bella DJs rules of engagement:

* We reserve the right to refuse/cancel service to racists, bigots, or to anyone who attacks,
threatens, or otherwise promotes violent language and behavior. If we find a venue or
surrounding setting/environment to be unsafe (to equipment, personnel, etc.) for any reason,
we reserve the right to leave the premises spontaneously and without notice.

* We reserve the right to cancel any engagement, by notifying and refunding the Purchaser,
at any time - if we are unable to appear at / procure replacement service for an event.

* If a Purchaser refuses to properly compensate Bella DJs for travel (to
events, meetings, venue tours, etc.) and/or fully custom setup arrangements, per our requests
made before or after contract signing, we reserve the right to cancel and refund the
engagement in question.

* We are released from any obligation to attend venue tours, rehearsals, in-person follow-
up meetings, etc. if the Purchaser is unable or unwilling to compensate for our associated
time and travel, when requested.

* In some cases, we may ask for a final payment to be made in advance of the date upon
which service is due to be rendered. Though this happens rarely, should the Purchaser
refuse to pay the final balance (i.e. for the purpose of covering unanticipated additional
travel costs) when requested, Bella DJs reserves the right to cancel and
refund the engagement in question.